Kisses from Heaven
The diary of a dream come true

Chapter 8 ~ Just Friends

Ike, Tay, Zac, and Kirstie, all sat down at her table to talk for a while. Kirstie kept saying how stupid she was for not noticing it was Zac before. Every now and then she'd giggle a little, it emabarassed her but she couldn't help it, she was just amazed. And still couldn't believe who she was talking to. She and Zac had quit flirting with each other. They both liked each other, but because of the age difference, they didn't know what to do.

"So," Zac finally decided to ask again. "You still want to go rollerblading tomorrow?"

Ike interrupted, "Hey Zac, that's a great idea! You could come over and we could all go."

Zac really didn't like that idea, but didn't want to protest. Kirstie just sat that thinking, while they all stared at her. She looked at them and smiled. She knew who she was talking to, the 3 sweetest guys in the whole world, they wouldn't judge her just because she lived in a junky apartment. And she knew she'd be able to trust them.

"Guys, I have to tell you something." She spoke up. "Well, the truth is, I ran away from home a few weeks ago. And now I'm living in the nastiest apartment ever, and I have to pay the rent which is 3 hundred dollars in 1 week. And, and I've only got 1 hundred and 35." A depressed look spread across her face. She felt like crying, but sitting there, across from Ike, Tay, and Zac Hanson, somehow made her feel a little better.

"Oh Kirstie," Isaac reached his hand over the table to hers. "It'll be alright. We'll help you."

Zac felt sorry for her too, but just couldn't keep from frowning at his oldest brother.

Taylor sat their, staring at Kirstie, then to Isaac, then to Zac. He knew what all of them were thinking. Kirstie was just sad because of what she had just admitted. Ike felt bad for her, but had a major crush on her too. And Zac, poor Zac, he knew Ike liked her, and although he knew she was too old for him, he still didn't want Ike liking her. After they all sat in silence for a while, Tay spoke up, "Where you from?"

"Memphis." She said, looking up at him. Zac leaned over to Tay, whispering to him. "She could stay with us for a while, until she gets some money, and a place to stay." Tay looked back at him and nodded.

"You can stay with us. I mean, we have to ask our parents. But I'm sure they'll understand." Tay said, trying to reasure her.

Kirstie just smiled. Oh my God. She tought. This can't be happening. Hanson is asking me, me, to live with them. In their house. With them. Okay, I'm okay. Just stay calm. Don't jump and scream, then they'd think I'm just another crazy insane obsessed fan. And they'd probably think I made this whole thing up.

"What d'ya say?" Ike broke into her thoughts.

"Oh. I would love to." She attempted not to sound too excited.

"Um, you want to just go home now then?" Tay said to Ike.

Ike managed to take his eyes off Kirstie for a second and looked at Tay. "Yeah sure." He turned back to her. "We can just stop by the place you're staying, get your stuff, and we'll pay the owner for you."

"Oh you guys are being too nice. I mean it. I promise to pay you back when I can get the money." She smiled, still in amazement. No way. I think... No, this, no, no, there is no way this is happening. They have a million cazillion fans, and they're asking me to stay with them. She giggled a little out loud.

The 3 brothers stood up and put their hats and sunglasses back on. Ike reached his hand out to Kirstie. She took it and stood up, begining to relize he's kinda flirting. She just grinned at him. The 4 of them walked together out of the mall and through the parking lot to their car. Ike asked Kirstie to sit in the front with them, and Tay and Zac got in the back. They all talked most of the way home, except Zac. He just sat there, not saying a word. That is, until they reached the apartment.

"I'll go in and help you get your stuff." Zac said jumping out of the car. He followed Kirstie inside, down the hall, and to her room. "Oh, I forgot." He shouted as they passed the owner's offfice. "I'll go back and get the money to pay the guy real quick." He said, spinning around and running back down the hall. Kirstie gathered up what little things she had, and just as she was finishing, Zac jumped back in the room. "I already paid the guy."

Kirstie turned to face him. He walked over to her, and took one of her bags. They were less than a foot from each other, just looking into each others eyes, searching for something to say. "Zac, I really like you." Her face turned a little red. "But,"

"I understand." He thought he did, but he wasn't thinking the same way she was. Yeah, I get it. I just turned 13. I'm just way too young for you. Why would she want me? Both of them still stood there, neither wanted to move. Finally Kirstie did. She kissed him, on the cheek, picked up a bag and walked out the door. That would be the last time they'd speak of that again, or at least that's what she thought. From then on, they both planned on being just friends.

* * *

Two days had gone by. Tay had explained everything to Walker and Diana. Not that she had ran away, just that she didn't have a place to stay. They gave her her own room, which hardly ever stayed in. Almost every minute of the past 2 days she had stayed with Ike, Tay or Zac. She wasn't alone with Zac much, it was like they were both afraid to be alone together. They talked though, acted as if nothing had happened. They hadn'd flirted, hadn't met because they liked each other. They were just friends. Just friends.

"I have to call my friend." She said to Tay. They were sitting beside each other on his bed, watching tv. She had already decided Tay was the easiest to talk to. He was like her best friend already. Most guys she talked to at school a lot, she ended up falling in love with (then hating later). But Taylor was different. She had talked to him about lots of stuff. "I met her that day at the mall. Her name is Ashley, I was suppose to call her."

"Okay." He said reaching for the phone. "You could invite her over if you want. Or we could all just go to the movies tomorrow. You, her, Ike, Zac and me." He handed her the phone.

"That sounds like fun. I got her number somewhere in my stuff. I'll just call her from in there." She stood up walking to the door.

"Alright. But you can call it 'your room' now ya know." He laughed, picking up the remote.

She passed Ike as she walked down the hallway. He poked her in the side playfully, and she jumped and giggled. Ashley is never gonna believe me.

"Hello?" Someone answered on the other end of the line.

"Hi. Is Ashley there?"

"Yeah hang on a sec."

The person who had answered the phone yelled out for her Ashley a couple times, and then running could be heard.


"Hey, it's Kirstie."

"Oh, hey, what's up?"

"Actually, a lot. But there's no way you're gonna believe me."

"Try me."

"Alright. After I talked to you the other day at the mall, I got something to eat and sat down. This really cute guy comes up and starts talking to me. Later he takes his hat and sunglasses off, and, get this, it's Zac Hanson." Ashley just started laughing. "So then Tay and Ike come over and we all talk for a while. I tell them everything and they invite me to stay with them until I can get some money and a good place to stay. I'm at their house right now, and Zac is poking his head in, listening to my conversation thinking I don't notice."

Zac laughs, walks in and sits on the bed beside her. "Who you talking to?"

"Ashley." She says, listening to her laugh her ass off on the phone.

"That would be the biggest dream come true." She finally manages to get out.

"I swear to God. Ashley, I'm telling you the truth. Tay asked me to invite you to the movies with us tomorrow night. And Zac is sitting right here beside me. Wanna talk to him?"

Ashley pauses. Still giggling a little. "Are you serious?" I mean it, don't lie to me."

Zac takes the phone from Kirstie. "Hello? How ya doin?"

"Oh my God!!!!" She screams into the phone. "No way!" Zac hands the phone back and pulls his ear a little, "I think I'm deaf" He whispers walking out of the room.

"Uh, Ashley?"

"Oh my God!"

"So you wanna go to the movies tomorrow?"

"Oh my God!" They both start craking up. "This is for real isn't it?"

"Yep." Kirstie gets up and shuts the door so she can tell about everything that's happened. Ike's flirtyness, Tay's sweetness, and Zac's wackyness. They talk for almost an hour, and Kirstie agrees to call her back in the morning, and give her more details about the movies.

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