Kisses from Heaven
The diary of a dream come true

Chapter 7 ~ You're Not Dreaming

"I look pretty damn fine." Zac says and laughs. "Don't you guys thinks so?" Zac has pulled his hair under a navy blue corduroy hat (those kind that look like fishing hats) and has on some dark sunglasses. Since his hair is shaved a little underneath he just looks like he has short hair. And he has on a black t-shirt with baggy dark blue pants and his airwalks.

"You still kinda look like yourself." Taylor says. He and Ike have also changed their looks a little, hoping no one will notice them so they don't get mobbed by crazy girls.

"Hey how bout her!" Ike says pointing at a girl sitting on a bench beside the fountain, throwing pennys in. "She's pretty."

"Nope, she looks snobby." Zac says confidently. "Let's go upstairs and get something to drink, and I can find someone by myself later."

The 3 of them walk upstairs and over to the Burger King. "The girl working here looks nice." Tay says, gazing at her.

Ike looks at the girl and back at Taylor. "Maybe for you, but she looks a little old for Zac."

Zac starts jumping up and down and pointing to where the tables are. "There she is! There she is! The girl!" Zac shouts, a huge smile on his face.

"Where?" Ike and Tay say at the same time.

"I found my girl! I found my girl!" Zac, still shouting, looks like the happiest guy in the world.

"Zac calm down, where is she?" Tay asks, looking around.

"Over there, by herself, she has one of our shirts on." Zac says, pointing to the girl.

Ike stares at her, looking at how pretty he thinks she is. "Wow Zac... she's beautiful..." He says dreamily.

"Ike, this is Zac's girl. Well, not yet. And anyway, I don't see anything special about her. I mean she looks like an average person to me." Taylor says, looking at Ike and laughing a little at the dreamy look on his face.

"Zac, I think she looks a little older than you." Ike says, still staring at her.

"No she doesnt'." Zac replies. "Now, what... what am I goingt to say to her?"

"Just go be yourself." Tay says, still looking at Ike, trying to figure out what he's thinking.

"No, I can't. Will you guys come with me? Please." Zac says begging Taylor.

"Zac if you like her you can do it. And besides, if she's a big fan, and all 3 of us go over there, I think she might just see through our disguise." Tay laughs.

Ike finally turns his head and looks at them. "Yeah you're right Tay. I can go talk to her for you Zac."

"Oh whatever Ike, no way." Zac says frowning at him. "You'll flirt with her. Tay please come with me." He begs.

"Okay, but only for a second. Get us some food and sit down some where Ike, I'll be there in a bit. Just get me a chicken sandwich." Tay says.

Ike just nods his head and walks over to the Burger King. Tay tells Zac to follow him and they walk over to Kirstie and both sit down at the table with her. Kirstie looks up at them, a little startled.

"Hi, I'm uh, Timmy, and this is my friend. He likes you but was too shy to come over here by himself. Well, I gotta go. Tay smiles at Kirstie and gets up and walks away.

Zac's mouth drops to the floor and his face turns bright red. Kirstie just smiles at the cute boy in front of her. Zac puts his head down, wanting to get up and run away. "Hi." Kirstie says, tapping his arm.

Zac raises his still-red face, and trys to smile. "Hi." He says, his face getting brighter.

"I'm Kirstie." She says still smiling at him, and almost laughing at his red face.

"Um, just call me Caz." Zac says, his normal skin color starting to come back. He decides to explain, hoping she won't thing he's a weirdo. "I saw you here a few weeks ago, and, I wanted to talk to you, but when I looked again, you were gone. So I just saw you, and thought I'd talk to you."

"Oh, well, why would you want to talk to me?" Kirstie says, completely clueless that she's talking to Zac Hanson.

"Well, I noticed you looking in The Skate Shop, and I love to rollerblade, and... and, and, I think you're, um, pretty." His face turns a little red again.

"Thank you." She says.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Zac tries to keep his face from turning red.

"No I don't." Kirstie says, smiling at him.

"You want to do something some time?" Zac says smiling and feeling a little more confident.

Kirstie, forgetting about how rough her life is right now, says that she'd love to. She so happy that a guy, a cute guy, is talking to her.

"We could go rollerblading tomorrow. Want to?" He asks eagerly.

"That sounds like fun, but I don't have any rollerblades." Kirstie's smile fads a little and she starts remembering who she is.

"Well I bet you could fit in my old pair. Or, well, I have a bunch of brothers and sisters, I'm sure you could fit into somebodys. Where do you live?"

"On Carter Road," Kirstie is too afraid he won't like her if she tells him everything.

"Oh cool! That's really close to where I live." Zac says cheerfully.

They sit and talk for almost 45 minutes, about everything there is to talk about. Favorite foods and things, music, movies, everything. Zac decides she really does like him, and that he can tell her who is. He thinks to go get Ike and Tay first, see what they think, then let them come over there too. This is great. He thinks. I finally found a girl that isn't going to go insane when she finds out who i am, at least i hope not, and she likes me for me. Zac just looks in her eyes, and smiles."I have a secret to tell you." He gigles. "But first, would you like to meet my brothers? I can go get them real quick."

"Sure." She says. As he starts to get up and walk away she asks him a question.

"Hey Caz, how old are you? I never asked." She says

"I just turned 13 a few weeks ago, how old are you?" He replies and asks her.

Oh no. He can't be that young. Kirstie thinks, her smile going away. Zac starts to get worried because of the look on her face. "Well, I'm 16."

Zac's smile completely goes away too. No, she's not that old. This is awful. Zac just nods and slowly walks away to get his brothers.

"Hey Zac, I thought you decided to go to Australia or something." Tay laughs at his corny joke. "What have you been talking about so long?" He asks curiously.

Zac just looks at the ground, tears almost coming to his eyes. "Tay, she's, I, I just found out she's 16."

"Woah. Zac, 16? Um ya know, that's just a little too old for you don't you think?" Ike says, feeling bad for Zac, but thinking maybe he has a chance now.

"But guys, she's perfect. I mean, I haven't even known her an hour, but she seems so...." his voice trailed off.

"Zac," Tay tries to comfort his brother. "Ike is right. Come on, you know, 16, is just, well, you know. I mean geez, she's older than me."

Zac doesn't look up, he just wants a friend. Well, he has 2 best friends. But, he needs someone else, to talk about things with, share secrets with, and truly care about.

Tay see's how sad Zac is getting. "Look Zac, you can still be friends, she looks nice. You can introduce us and,"

"Oh yeah, I forgot already." He says, finally looking up, but still sad. "I'm going to tell her who I am and then I want you guys to come over there."

"That's sounds cool. Let's go." Says Ike.

"Wait, I'm gonna go take off my hat and sunglasses, see if she recognizes me, and then you guys come over there. Okay?" Zac says, seeming a little cheerier, but still not too happy.

He walks back over to their table, and see's Kirstie with her head down. "Hey." She sits up, looking at him, her eyes red and a frown on her face. Zac smiles a little and she smiles back. "So you wanna know the secret?" He asks.

"Yeah, what is it?" She says, wiping her eyes.

Finally, a big smile comes on Zacs face as he stares at her. He takes off his hat and tosses it on the table, letting his long hair fall to his shoulders and around his face. Then he pulls off his sunglasses and lays them on his hat.

Kirstie's mouth drops open. "Um," she laughs, she's so surprized and so happy, and feels so weird for not noticing before. "No way!" is all she can get out. She stands up, wanting to hug him. Then she sees 2 other guys walking toward them. She already recognizes them, and her knees start to shake.

Zac reaches out his hand. "Sorry I lied about my name, it's really Zac."

Kirstie shakes his hand, "Well, I know that." She says smiling.

Taylor and Ike walk over and they shake hands. "This is not happening. I'm dreaming." She says.

"You're definantly not dreaming." Ike says smiling at her.

All she can do is laugh. "Yeah, I think I am."

"Nope," Taylor laughs, "I promise, you're not dreaming."

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