Kisses from Heaven
The diary of a dream come true

Chapter 6 ~ A Crazy Idea and a New Friend

2 weeks later...
"Ike, honey?" Dianna called to Ike from the kitchen in their house.

"What?" Ike said, walking in the kitchen in a pair of plaid boxers and a t-shirt.

"Is Taylor and Zac awake yet?" She said, handing him a plate with 2 bagels.

Ike walked over to the refrigerator and got out the cream cheese. "Yeah, Zac challenged Tay to a race to the mailbox right when Tay woke up. They should be back any minute." He sat down at the table and starting putting some cream cheese on one of the bagels.

"Well, me and your dad are going out for the day shopping. Zac was suppose to tell you, and we're taking everybody, 'cept you guys." Dianna got a couple pop tarts out of the cabinet and set them by the bag of bagels on the table. "These are for your brothers breakfast. Oh, and someone from Mercury called again. He said you wouldn't be able to start working on your next record for a little while, and he explained a bunch of junk that your father will tell you about when we get home tonight. You guys be good." She said, picking up her purse and walking out of the kitchen.

"Alright, Mom, have fun." Ike said, starting his second bagel.

"Tay give it back! I mean it!" Zac yelled chasing Taylor into the kitchen.

Taylor ran to the other side of the table and they stood across from each other, both out of breath. Ike just laughed and looked at Tay, "What's goin on?"

"I got Zac's diary, and,"

"It's a journal!" Zac yelled, picking up a pop tart and throwing it at Tay.

"Hey calm down. See I got it and he said if I beat him to the mailbox he'd let me read. And I beat him to it.." Tay explained to Ike.

"No he didn't! He got there like 1 second before me but he got a big head start. So he cheated! Now give it back to me Taylor!" Zac, jumping up and down, shouted to Tay.

Ike just sat there. Looking back and forth at them both. "Well, Tay, I suggest you give it back. Not that I'm taking sides, but," he started laughing, "but, Zac is gonna have a major fit."

"He's writing about some girl. When I woke up he was writing in it and a saw a little. I just wanna know who it is Zac." Tay sat down and picked up a pop tart.

Zac sat down across from him, "Okay, just give it back and I'll tell you."

Tay finally handed the diary, uh, journal, back to Zac. "Well, let's hear it."

"I don't even know her name. And I haven't seen her for... Remember that girl I saw in the mall a couple weeks ago? She was looking in the window to The Skate Shop and when I pointed she was gone." Zac said, looking down at the table.

"Oh yeah I remember." Taylor says, walking to the refrigerator and getting some milk. "Is that why you've been wanting to go to the mall everyday?"

"Well, yeah. I have to find her again, I just can't stop thinking about her." He says starting to daydream.

"Zachary? Hello? This isn't like you." Ike joins in the conversation. "You'll probably never see her again. Hmmm.... how 'bout we go to the mall today and look for someone for you? You know, just some girl to talk to, to get your mind off her."

"I don't know. It sounds okay, but I'm not gonna just forget about her." Zac says, still looking like he's daydreaming.

"Yeah but you guys, anybody that's a fan already loves us. I mean, it's like they I love us so much and they don't even know us. They wouldn't take the time to get to know us before screaming out how much they love us. Do you get what I'm trying to say?" Tay tried not to sound too confusing.

"I know what you mean." Ike said. "Well," he laughed, "we could like stick some sunglasses on him, and put his hair up under a hat and stuff." He laughed again at his silly idea. "We could just change his looks a little and get him to go up to somebody."

Tay burst out laughing. "Ike, that is such a great idea!" He barely managed to say. "What do you say Zac?"

Zac just thought for a while. This is almost too crazy. They want to make me look way different, which means dumb, and then let me embarass myself in front of a girl. He stood up and looked at Ike, then back to Tay. "Okay guys, but don't make me looked stupid." With that, Tay jumped out of his chair and motioned for Zac to follow him out of the room while stuffing half a pop tart in his mouth. Zac turned around before leaving the room. "Come on Ike, lets go make me look silly!"

It had been 3 whole weeks and Kirstie, still living in the junky apartment, hadn't found a job. The only places she could get a job were too far away from where she was staying. And she only had 1 hundred and 35 dollars left. She had tried to save money, but had to spend some at the laundry mat, buying food, and a couple blankets and a pillow to sleep on. Knowing she only had 1 week left to get 3 hundred dollars to pay the apartment owner, she decided to go to the mall to do some thinking, she had to get away from this place. She got a ride from someone who lived in the same apartment.

When Kirstie got to the mall she just walked around, looking for something to do. She sees a hanson poster in the window of a cd store and decides to go see what else that have. She walks around looking at the cd's, then see's hanson's newest one, hanson hits vol.1. She picks it up and looks at it.

A young girl runs over beside her and picks up another hanson cd. "I found it Ashley!" She yells to someone across the store.

The girl she yelled to walks over beside them and takes the cd. She then looks over and Kirstie, "hey cool shirt."

"Thanks. I'm Kirstie." She says and smiles, realizing she hasn't attempted to make any friends since she's been here.

"I'm Ashley. I just moved here from Michagin a couple months ago. I haven't met any hanson fans besides me yet. And this is my sister Nikki," she points to the girl beside her.

"Yeah I'm new too. I just got here a few weeks ago." Kirstie replies.

"Where are you from?"

Kirstie thinks she has no reason not to trust her and explains everything. "Memphis, Tennessee. I hated it there so I ran away from home. And I just thought I might as well come here, hoping some day I'd run into hanson."

"Where are you staying?" Ashley asks.

"Highpoint apartments, a really crappy place." She says.

"That's not too far from my house. You should come over some time. Do you have a phone?"

"Nope. You could give me your number and I could call from the owners office. And you could come pick me up or something." Kirstie says getting a small piece of paper and a pen out of her purse. Ashley gives her her number and agrees to call her tomorrow morning. They stand there and talk about hanson and stuff for about 10 minutes.

Nikki tugs on Ashley shirt, "Ash, mom's waiting on us, we gotta go."

"Call me tomorrow!" Ashley says after they say goodbye. She and her sister walk out of the store.

Kirstie walks upstairs to the food court to get something to eat. She has got very skinny these past weeks, trying to save money. But now she has decided she just doesn't care. She knows she won't be able to get the rest of the money by the end of the week, so she treats herself to a big lunch. She gets an extra value meal #5 at the McDonalds and a strawberry milkshake. She walks over to a table away from the noisy crowd and sits down to eat.

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