Kisses from Heaven
The diary of a dream come true

Chapter 2 ~ Goodnight

9:30pm, at the Hanson house...

"Wanna play a video game Ike?" Zac asks as he turns on the tv.

Isaac was starting to go upstairs and turns to look at Zac, "Well... I was going to go to bed."

"Ike, you're getting old." Taylor looks up from his book and grins as he sits up on the couch.

"Okay, I'll play for a while." He says and sits down in front of the tv.

Jessie comes skipping in the room with a couple barbies in her hands. "Wanna play with me Zaccy?"

"No thanks." replies Zac, turning on the N64.

Jessie gets a disappointed look on her face and turns away. "I'll play Jess," Taylor says, when he notices she's about to cry. "I thought you were asleep."

"I couldn't sleep." Jessica lays down the barbie dolls and looks up at Taylor. "When do you guys have to leave to work on your next CD?"

"Not for about a month." Taylor says.

"Yes! I did it! I beat you!" Isaac jumps up and does a victory dance around the couch.

"Ooooh, wow. You beat me once. I'll beat you the next 20 times. You just got lucky." Zac says. "Come on or I'll start without you."

Jessie slides off the couch and goes toward the door. "Goodnight guys."

"Hey, I thought we were gonna play..." Taylor holds up Barbie and Ken.

"That's okay Taytay. You can play without me. I'm getting a little sleepy." Taylor smiles and waves to Jessie.

"Lets play Killer Instinct Gold instead." Ike says, handing the game to Zac. "Hey Tay, I think I'm actually gonna ask Julie if she wants to go on a date tomorrow.

"Julie? I thought you were over her!" Taylor says, knocking Barbie and Ken off the couch and dropping his book on the floor.

Zac pauses the game and turns around. "Is that the girl that works in that store in the mall? Um, which one was it? The Gap? You guys never tell me anything anymore."

"Taylor?" Isaac says, giving him a funny look. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing. I was just talking to her a few days ago, and..."

"Oh, let me guess. You like her?"

"No. Well, she's pretty, and nice, and... Well, anyway, she told me she's moving in December. And she said she likes you, cuz I kinda well... Um, she said she doesn't want to start to get involved with anyone cuz she's moving away in a few months."

"Cause you kinda what? Did you tell her I like her?"

"No. I just sort of hinted about it."

Zac turns around and restarts the game. "Okay. I'm gonna play by myself now."

"She's really moving?" Isaac says, looking really depressed.

Zac looks at Isaac and rolls his eyes. "Ikey? Hello? Millions of girls love you. I'm sure you'll find someone else."

Taylor picks up a pillow from the couch and throws it at Zac. "I'm going to bed guys. If you're still going to the mall tomorrow I wanna come. Night guys."

"Oh. Who's the one getting old now?" Isaac says raising an eyebrow and giving Taylor a sly sarcastic grin.

"Night Tay." Zac says.

"Prepare to die." Isaac says restarting the game.

"Hey! I was about to kill Saberwolf." Zac yells, picking up the pillow Tay threw at him and hitting Ike in the head with it.

Ike stands up and jumps over the couch. He grabs 2 more pillows, using the couch as a giant shield.

"I wanna play!" Jessie yells, sneaking up from behind and hitting Ike with her pillow.

Isaac, Zac, and Jessie have a huge pillow fight until they're all so tired they fall on top of each other in the floor. "I'm too sleepy to walk back to my room. Will you carry me Zaccy? Please." Jessie says, hugging Zac.

"Okay." He says, picking her up and heading down the hall.

"I'm going to bed now Zac. See you guys in the morning." Isaac calls as he goes upstairs.

"Night Ikey!" Jessie yells from Zac's arms. "Zac? Will you please sing me to sleep?"

"Well, I guess so." Zac says, smiling at his sister.

"Lay beside me." Jessie pats the bed, barely awake.

Zac jumps in bed beside her and begins to sing a lulabye. When he's half way through, Jessie is already fast asleep so he closes his eyes and falls asleep beside of her.

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