Kisses from Heaven
The diary of a dream come true

Chapter 15 ~ Hickeys

December '98
I never thought this would happen. I've been so happy staying here, that it seriously never even crossed my mind. A few hours ago when me and Zac came inside, I was on the news. And it was even on again on a different channel just an hour later. If their parents see that, or if anyone in town recognizes me.... I don't know what I'll do. Me and Zac are great. Everything is fine between us now. Tay went with Ashley to do some Christmas shopping today. They have both told me they really like each other, but they each made me promise not to tell the other one. I'll let them figure it out for themselves. I wonder how my mom and dad are doing...

"Hi Kirstie. Whatcha doing?" Avery bounced in the room cheerfully and went over to her.

"Just writing in my diary." She answered, trying to look happier than she was feeling.

Avery looked down at the notebook that was covered with little hearts and pictures. "Oh really? Zac has one of those. But he calls it a journal. Taylor is always picking on him about it."

"Really? He does?" She was a little surprised.

"Yeah." Avery looked back up at her, playing with the bow that was in her hair. "What is a diary? Or journal? Whatever they're called."

"It's just a book you can write your personal thoughts in." Kirstie took the bow out her hair and began to braid it.

"So you write stuff in it that's secret?" She asked, looking slightly confused.

"Yes, that's it. Just the stuff you're thinking about. Whatever you want to write about."

"Well, why would you want to write down what you're thinking?" Avery pushed some short hair that had fallen in front of her face behind her ear.

She thought for a minute before answering. "Sometimes you have stuff on your mind that you want to tell someone, but you don't have anyone to tell... And it makes you feel better to write it down." She finished the braid and tied the bow around the bottom.

"Oh. Okay." Avery stood up and turned to Kirstie. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure go right ahead." She opened a drawer in the table beside her bed and placed her pen and diary safely inside.

"Do you like my brother? I heard Taylor and Zac talking the other day. Do you like Zac?" Avery stared up at her, waiting for an answer.

"Um..." She had no idea what to say for a minute, her mind flooded with thoughts. "Well," She started. "I like him as a friend." She really didn't like to lie, but she couldn't tell this little kid she was in love with him.

"Do you like him for a boyfriend?" She kept asking curiously, not getting the hint that Kirstie didn't want to talk about this.

She just smiled. "I don't know. Maybe. Now how about we go downstairs and get something to eat?" She wanted to change the subject as quickly as she could.

* * *
"I'm hoooome." Taylor sang as he came busting excitedly through the front door.

"Shut up." Zac whisperd coming down the stairs. "Kirstie's not feeling well, she just fell asleep on the couch a little while ago."

"Oh sorry." Taylor said, still smiling.

"Is that you Tay?" Mr. Hanson yelled from the kitchen.

"Yeah Dad." He answered.

"You and Zachary get in here for a minute."

Zac looked at Taylor, "Well he doesn't sound too happy about something." They both walked into the kitchen. Their parents, and Ike were all sitting at the table.

"I want to talk to you boys for a minute." They sat down at the table beside Ike, across from their parents. "Now." He started. "I know Zac didn't do this. Because he's just 13. And I know Taylor didn't do this because apparently he likes the girl he's always eager to be with."

Ike got an upset look on his face. "Dad, I don't know what you're talking about, but I haven't done anything if that's what you're implying.

Kirstie had woken up due to Mr. Hanson's yelling, and was now standing outside the kitchen listening to their conversation.

"Honey." Mrs Hanson looked at her husband. "Ike's been out with a girl today also."

"Well." He said. "Which ever one of you did this probably thinks it's none of our buisness, but it is, if you two have girlfriends and you're still a kid." He glanced at Zac.

"Gee thanks dad." Zac said sarcastically.

"Alright we get the point." Taylor spoke up. "What in the world are you talking about?"

Mrs Hanson looked at each of them, then down at the table. "Since Kirstie hasn't been feeling well I told her to lay on the couch. When I brought her something to drink I noticed her neck. She has a hickey."

Zac and Taylor both looked down and Ike shot Zac a quick dirty look. "Now boys. This is not right. And I want to know which one of you did it. I'll give you a chance to confess, and if you don't, I want to see your necks. I know it sounds silly, but if she has one, who ever did it might also."

All three of them just stared down at the table, not saying a word.

"Okay guys. If that's the way it's going to be..." Mr Hanson had a big frown on his face. "Isaac you first. Hold up your hair." He did as told and his father leaned across the table looking at both sides of his neck.

"Hey what's going on?" Kirstie quickly walked in, knowing she couldn't let this go on. Who knows what trouble they'd both be in.

"Oh nothing dear." Mrs. Hanson answered and stood up. "We're just talking. Are you feeling better?"

She looked nervously around the room. Did they have any idea I was listening. "Not really."

She walked over and felt her forehead. By now, all 3 of the boys had gotten up and disappeared from the kitchen. "You are running a fever. You go up to your room and lay down. I'll get you some medicine and find the thermometer. You shouldn't have went out in the snow earlier today."

"Okay" Kirstie turned around and left the kitchen, heading upstairs.

"Where is Zac?" Ike stomped into their room.

Taylor turned around brushing his hair. "I think he's in the bathroom. Why?" He picked up a rubber band and tied his hair back.

"You know exactly why." Ike said, walking over beside him. "Oh my God. What they hell?"

"What?" Taylor said, completely confused.

"It was you. I can't believe you Taylor. Does your girlfriend know?" Ike was upset with both his brothers know.

"Ike what the hell are you talking about?" He was getting mad now. Isaac just stared at him and turned him towards the mirror, pointing at his neck. "Oh wow, I didn't know she did that. Looks pretty good, doesn't it?" Taylor said, admiring the perfectly round little hickey on his neck.

By now Zac was now in the room standing behind them. He tapped his foot a little but his brothers were too caught up in their discussion to even notice he was there.

"How can you be that way?" Ike asked him, giving him a terrible look.

"Calm down Ike." Zac interrupted. "Tay didn't do it. I did."

"But what about.."

"Ashley. She did it." Taylor looked back in the mirror. Admiring it some more.

Zac walked over beside him and held his hair back. "If you think that looks good check out these two." Zac grinned and showed Tay his rasberries.

"This is not happening. You two are insane." Ike was getting furious.

"Don't let it bother you so much Ike." Zac lightly punched his shoulder. "Where's yours at anyway? Didn't you go out on a date today?"

"We're not that serious yet. I'm not like you guys, rushing into stuff. I want it to be special." He tried to relax a little. "Hey! How did you know where I was today?"

"Oops." Zac said looking at Tay. Ike finally grinned a little, and walked out of the room shaking his head.

"So Tay, you gonna tell me how you got that sexy thing on your neck there?"

"Of course. If you tell me how you got those two." They both laughed and sat down on the bed to discuss their exciting days.

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