Kisses from Heaven
The diary of a dream come true

Chapter 13 ~ Mr. Sweet

After spending ten minutes crying, in the restroom of the theater, Ashley walked in. "Kirstie? Are you in here?"

Kirstie tried to wipe away the rest of her tears, but they slowly kept falling. She opened the stall door and stepped out. "Hi." She whispered.

Ashley walked over to her and hugged her. "Hey, what's the matter? Zac told me to come in here and talk to you, but wouldn't tell what was wrong. He just said to tell you it's not what you think. What did he mean?" She stepped into a stall and got some more tissue paper. She handed it to Kirstie and waited for an answer.

"Well..." She wiped her eyes. She let it all out in a quick mumbling slur. "This morning some girl came by the house and said she was his girlfriend. But Zac said he just asked her out because she was leaving for a few months and she really didn't mean anything to him. And just a little bit ago I got up to look for him and he was talking to her. And then... And then they kissed. And I know millions of girls love him and he could get whoever he wanted, but, but..." The tears started falling heavily again.

"Oh.. Kirstie." Ashley put her hand on her shoulder. "It'll be alright. He said it's not what you think, so I'm sure he has a perfectly good explanation." She tried her best to cheer her up.

"I hope so," Kirstie sniffled.

* * *

Kirstie avoided Zac until they got in the car to leave. On the way home she sat up front with Ike, and Taylor sat in the back with Ashley and Zac. She tried to hold her tears inside, not wanting Ike or Tay to see that something was wrong. When they reached Ashley's house, she got out of the car and said bye to everyone. She told Kirstie to call her in the morning.

Taylor got out behind her. "Is it alright if I walk you to the door?" He asked, blushing slightly.

"Yeah, sure." Ashley smiled, and he took her hand as they walked to the door. When they got to the front door, they stood there silently staring at each other. "You're even sweeter than I expected you would be. I had fun tonight." She finally spoke up.

Taylor blushed again. "Thanks. Um, maybe you can come over some time. Or we could go somewhere."

"That would be great." Ashley smiled, trying not to sound too excited.

"Well I'll see you later." He said, smiling back. He slowly leaned towards her and kissed her on the cheek. They both blushed this time.

"Goodnight Tay." She said, and walked into her house. "Oh My God!!!" She screamed, after she shut the door behind her.

Taylor walked back to the car, smiling and humming to himself.

* * *

Creeeeek The bedroom door squeaked as Taylor tried to quietly walk in, after going to the bathroom. It was one in the morning and he didn't want to wake his brothers.

Zac rolled over in his bed and looked at him. "You don't have to be so quiet, I'm not asleep." He mumbled.

"Oh okay. Where's Ike?" Taylor said, closing the door behind him.

"He fell asleep on the couch downstairs watching tv." Zac sat up and turned on a lamp.

Sensing something was definantly wrong with him, Taylor walked over and sat on his bed facing Zac. "What is it?"

"What's what?" Zac asked, although he really knew what he meant.

"You know. What's wrong?" Tay said. Zac just sat their looking down, not saying a word. "Zachary? I gotta tell you something. Yesterday, before we went to the movies, when I got your diary.."

"Journal." He said plainly.

"When I got your journal, and I said I didn't read anything, well, I did. And I know a little about you and Kirstie, but you can trust me." Taylor said, feeling a little guilty.

Zac just looked up at him. Staying quiet for a minute, then he finally spoke. "She hates me."

"What?" He looked confused. "No she doesn't. I know she doesn't hate you."

"Tay... Last night, at the movies, she saw Missy kiss me." He expected his brother to say something, but when he didn't, he kept talking. "She cornered me. I didn't know what to do. Then she kissed me. I tried to push her away, and then I saw Kirstie. She hasn't talked to me since then."

Zac looked so depressed, Taylor truly felt bad for him. "Why don't you go talk to her right now. I saw her light on when I went to the bathroom."

"Would you talk to her for me? Please Tay? I'm afraid she won't listen to me, and, I don't know what I'd do." He was almost in tears.

"Yeah, I guess." He finally said, after watching Zac's bottom lip move lightly and quickly, holding back tears.

Why me? Taylor thought, as he walked down the hall to Kirstie's room. Her door was open and she was sitting in the floor writing in her diary. "Hey. Can we talk?"

"Oh hi. What are you doing up?" She asked, as he came in and sat down by her.

"Talking to Zac. He's really upset." He said putting an arm around her.

"I don't want to talk about him." She whispered, closing her diary and pushing it under the bed. The both sat silently for what seemed like, to Kirstie, forever. After a minute she leaned on to his chest, burying her face in his shirt.

He wrapped his arms around her, letting her cry for a little while. He hugged her tightly, and rubbed her head. A strange feeling came over him as he sat there, holding her, but he just ignored it. "Shhh..." he whispered. "It'll be okay. Just listen to me a minute."

Gosh Tay, your boxers are really thin. She thought, and then her mind went back to Zac. Kirstie raised her head up and looked at him.

"He told me what happened." Taylor said, pushing her dark blonde hair away from her face. "He said Missy kissed him, he couldn't stop her. He tried to push her away."

"But..." She began.

"I know when Zac is lying. And I know how he feels about you." Taylor took the bottom of his shirt, and wiped her eyes with it. "Now go in there and make up with him." He stood up and took her hands, pulling her with him.

"Tay?" She said, not letting go of his hands. "Thank you so much. You're really sweet. You're my best friend." She kissed him on the cheek and walked towards the door.

"Uh huh. Just call me Mr. Sweet."

Kristie turned around before walking out. "I might do you a favor. Like, um, invite Ashley over soon."

"Now why would I care if you invited Ashley over?" He couldn't help but grin a little.

"Don't you play dumb with me Taylor Hanson." She laughed. "I saw you two last night. All giggly and flirty."

"Well, you know. I was just being friendly. Extra friendly." They both laughed. "But really," he said, "you can invite her over."

"Don't worry. I'll invite your sweetheart over. Night Taylor."

"Goodnight Kirstie. You be good now." He said as she walked out of the room and down the hall.

Deciding not to go back to his room and inturept Zac and Kirstie, he layed down in Kirstie's bed. He pulled the covers up over him and closed his eyes. Yeah, that's me, Mr. Sweet.

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