Kisses from Heaven
The diary of a dream come true

Chapter 10 ~ Want a poptart?

"Hey Sleepy Head!"

Kirstie felt her bed bounce as someone jumped on it beside her. She opened her eyes and looked at the clock, 9am. A month ago she would have pulled the covers over her head and went back to sleep, but things were different now. She would have got up at 3am if a hanson was waking her up. She rolled over to see Taylor standing on her bed looking down at her.

He jumped and landed on his butt beside her. "Mornin' Kirstie." He said throwing the covers off her.

"Hi Tay." She yawned and sat up next to him.

"Your friend Ashley called at 8."

"Oh I hope you don't mind me giving her your phone number. I made her promise not to tell anyone."

"It's okay." Waking up to that face made Kirstie know it was going to be a great day. "It was sooo funny." He said laughing. "When I answered the phone, she goes 'oh my God, who is this?' I said Taylor Hanson, how may I help you." He started cracking up. "And then I asked who she was and she told me, and I asked if she wanted to talk to you and she goes 'well..."

Taylor... I always thought the saying 'nobody's perfect' was true, but I'm not so sure anymore. "I'm sure she'd rather talk to you than me."

"I asked if we were still on for the movies tonight and she got so excited and happy. Then I told her I'd tell you she called."

"Okay I'll call her later." Kirstie just sat there smiling at the sweet person in front of her.

"Zac seemed a lot happier last night. What happened?" Taylor asked.

"Well..." Kirstie saw Zac walk by the door and peep in.

Taylor turned around when he saw Kirstie look towards the door. "Oh, well, I really gotta go now..." He grinned. "I um, gotta go.... pee." He laughed a little a walked out of the room.

Kirstie smiled at Zac and motioned for him to come in. He slowly walked in and sat beside her. He looked at her pretty night gown his mother had bought her when they went shopping. He could see her nipples through the thin fabric and his face turned red.

Kirstie looked down and noticed what he was staring at. She giggled and her face turned bright red. "Zac..." She took his hands in hers and scooted a little closer to him. What can I say to him? He is so perfect, so sweet, why can't I find any words?

"I remember that day I saw you in the mall..." He spoke softly to her. "I had no idea it would lead to this." He leaned towards her and they kissed. Three soft, slow kisses...

Kirstie leaned back and layed down, pulling him with her. He layed on her, neither of them said anything. They kept kissing, they were both nervous.

"Hey Kirstie!" Ike walked in. "Want a...... poptart... Oh my gosh."

Zac jumped off her and sat up. "Can't you knock or at least warn somebody before you walk in the damn room!"

"Excuse me?" Ike shot Zac a dirty look. "Zac, she's older than Tay! What do you think you're doing?"

"Something that doesn't concern you!" Zac yelled back.

"Whatever." Ike said, throwing his hand in the air. "Missy called last night after you were asleep. She's back from London. I thought you might like to know." Then he walked out of the room and went downstairs.

Kirstie and Zac just looked at each other. "What are we going to do?" Kirstie said, looking down. "If your parents found out, I'm sure they'd throw me out."

"Well, we won't let anybody find out. Just don't tell anyone about... that we're... well you know." He said. "I'm gonna go get some breakfast and make sure Ike keeps his mouth shut."

"Alright, I'll change and then I'll come down. Zac?"

He turned around just before he walked out. "What?"

"Who's Missy?"

"Oh, um, nobody. Just a friend."

I just kissed Zac Hanson. So many things have been going on the past few days, it's unbelievable. Zac saw me at the mall and liked me. We started talking, I didn't know it was him, then when I found out I was happy, but, he's so much younger than me I don't know what to do. I still can't believe I'm staying in hanson's house. Taylor's really sweet. Ike is too but he just saw me and Zac kissing, he wasn't very happy about it. We're going to the movies tonight and Ashley's going too. This is so great... but I wonder what my parents are doing right now.

* * *

Missy... I haven't seen her in forever. Zac thinks as he walks down the stairs and into the kitchen. Missy had been Zac's friend for 3 years. But then she had to go to London for 6 months to stay with her dad and he hasn't talked to her since. I can't wait to see her. But...

"What was Isaac talking about?" Mrs. Hanson said as Zac sat down at the kitchen table.

"Huh?" Zac jumped up. "He was lying! Don't listen to him!"

"Zachary what is wrong with you? He just said he couldn't believe what you were doing. He didn't tell me what it was." She gave him a questioning look.

"I wasn't doing anything." He said sitting back down.

"If you say so. Me and your father and going out today. I figured you guys wouldn't want to go. So can you handle the house by yourself?"

Taylor walked in the room, "We were gonna go to the movies tonight. Is that alright?"

"Sure. Just be home by midnight." Dianna walked out of the kitchen when she heard Zoe's cries.

"Hi guys." Kirstie said, walking into the kitchen with Mackie hanging onto her left leg.

"Zachary what have you done with my x men toys?" Mackie said, still hanging on Kirstie's leg.

"They're by the front door. I brought them in when you left them outside yesterday." Zac said, laying his head on the table.

Kirstie picked Mackie up and sat him in a chair beside Zac. "I'll go get them."

Just as she got to the door the doorbell rang. I guess I can get that. She opened the door and a young short girl stood in front of her.

"Uh, is Zac home?" The girl asked.

"Yeah who are you?" Kirstie said, staring at her suspiciously.

"I'm Missy. Zac's girlfriend."

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