Kisses from Heaven
The diary of a dream come true

This is the final page of my diary, the last time I'll ever write in it. It's been so long, yet I can still remember the first time I wrote in it. I can remember everything from then on, so perfectly. It seems like it was only the other day...

Chapter 1 ~ Got to Get Out

November, 1998
I hate school. I hate my family. I hate my life. School started a few days ago. I'm a junior this year, and I'm still a loner. That doesn't bother me though. I don't like anyone anyway. Nobody likes Hanson as much as me and it's hard to be friends with people when you can't talk about Hanson 24/7. I finally used up all the pages in my old diary last week so I had to start a new one. I can't stand living here. I really hate my family. I wish I lived by, I wish I lived with Hanson. Or at least had a family like theirs. I have just got to get out. I think I'm gonna skip school tomorrow. I'll right more later.

"Kirstie! What are you doing? Why are you always writing in that stupid thing? I know you haven't finished you're homework!" Her mother yells as she opens her door and pushes a pile of posters out of her way.

"Mom, I'll do it in a minute! Leave me alone!" Kirstie yells, closing her diary.

"I don't know why you keep wasting your money on those magazines if you don't even have room on your walls for more posters." She says, placing her hands on her hips and shaking her head. "Supper is almost done come in the kitchen."

"I'm not hungry. Just go away." Kirstie replies as she lays down on her bed and puts a pillow over her head. I wish she would just leave me alone. Why does she have to always yell at me? She thinks to herself. A few warm tears fall from her eyes.

"Fine then. Don't eat. Starve to death in here by yourself. See if I care." She storms out of the room and slams the door behind her.

* * *

It's almost eight and Kirstie has just gotten out of the shower. She lays on her bed and begins to think. I'm hungry, but not hungry enough to go in the kitchen and listen to my parents gripe. I've got to get out of here. But the only thing to do is run away... Although, I've got no reason not to. She jumps out of bed, grabs her school bag, unzips it, and empty out her school stuff. I can take two pairs of shorts and a pair of jeans, She walks over to the closet and starts to pull out some clothes. I'll take one tank top and 3 hanson shirts.

"Honey, I'm going to bed, I'm not feeling very well. You can heat up the chicken if you're hungry. You father has to work 'til tomorrow morning." Mrs. Hall says from the other side of the door. Why does she do that? She is always mean to me and then for like 5 minutes everyday she's nice. And she expects me to be nice back? Kirstie thinks to herself.

"Okay. Goodnight." Kirstie folds her clothes and stuffs them into her bag. She gets a pull-over jacket and puts it in the bag too. She picks up an empty school folder and puts her five favorite small hanson posters in it. I can't forget my diary. She reaches under the matress and pulls out her dairy, gets a couple of pens and puts everything into the bag. I'll have to take the 3 hundred dollars I've been saving for the next Hanson tour. She thinks, reaching into a draw and pulling out some money. She puts her money, a hairbrush, and some poneytail holders into her small back pack purse, and heads to the bathroom.

I'll have to change my looks a little, I don't want to be recognized too easily. She takes some siccors and cuts her long dark blonde hair to her shoulders. She gives herself some bangs and gets her moms light blonde hair dye. She puts a small streak in the front on each side. She looks at the mirror just staring into her deep green eyes. Well, all this looks pretty good for an amature. Kirstie goes into the kitchen and picks up a plate of cold chicken and mashed potatoes and puts it in the microwave. She gets a glass of milk and sits down to eat. She doesn't bother thinking about where she's going, or what she's going to do. All she is worried about right now is getting out of this house. When she's finished eating, she gets all her stuff and heads out the front door.

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